Top Real Estate Websites

Sick of your old house and want to trade for something new? Well, house-hunting can really be exhausted. Though there are real estate agents, a friend to find a house for you or a sign post telling that this house is for sale, these stuffs are quite not enough for the prospective buyers.

But thanks be to the power of the internet, nowadays, real estate shopping is easier than ever. Just a click on your computer and presto, everything you have to know, everything you are looking for a home is in front of you. The only problem with the internet house-hunting is the certainty of the place, frauds are everywhere.

So, to help our buyers, enlisted below the top real estate websites that are trustworthy, reliable and dependable when it comes to housing decisions. These sites are in no particular orders.

Just another user-friendly and cute real estate portal. What makes HotPads on the list is the beautiful graphical homepage it has and its map-based search that can be found on the homepage. It was established on the year 2005 and won a Webby Awards on 2009 and 2010. HotPads now offers more than 2 million homes for sale and rental homes for about 130,000.


The leader in lifestyle television, Scripps Network and HGTV launched the FrontDoor to help buyers to find the best house to call a home. There are over 1.5 million homes listed at the FrontDoor. By the name itself, you can truly trust them. With user-friendly web pages, they give you a “real world” attitude in buying the right home and selling a reliable house.

The FrontDoor includes tools that can make the buyers’ search easier, such as the mortgage calculator and rent-versus-buy tool.

At, buyers and sellers can interact with each other through the use of an easy web page. For an easy search, the buyers can find homes for sale, the sellers post their homes and the real estate professionals list their services on You can encounter more than 2 million homes for sale around USA and other countries.

You can always trust the reliability of for they are a TRUSTe Certified Licensee. TRUSTe is a company that assured of the online company’s privacy seal. Also, this real estate portal provides Google Map and Microsoft Virtual Earth integration for snap-shots of the homes.


Sign-up and join Cyberhomes to find a wonderful home for just one click. Cyberhomes is the best real estate website to give the best neighborhood and community for their buyers. With more than 100 million property and records like sales, mortgages, for about 85% of the US jurisdiction, Cyberhomes can lead you to the right home for you to own.

At Cyberhomes, there are monthly updates about the buyers, the sellers and the professionals. No need to worry for you can always trust them regarding the homes they are selling because it is fully verified. People behind this portal come from the Listingbook LLC whom considered as the top provider of real estate’s integrated technology and services.

Those are the top 4 of our real estate websites. Wait for the following list that entered on our list. We just need to gather more. What are you waiting for? Search for a home on any of these sites or list your home now.